Telehealth is a Set of Technologies, NOT a Medical Specialty

By Joe Morgan MD – There has been a lot of buzz surrounding telehealth over the past couple of years, and it’s use has been on the rise. Telehealth enables physicians to be more efficient, and breaks down geographical barriers resulting in greater care access potential. Unfortunately, this bright area of innovation and expanded capability… Continue reading “Telehealth is a Set of Technologies, NOT a Medical Specialty”

Wellovate’s VR Wellness Platform on Popular Optimal Performance Podcast!

Today we release some details surrounding Wellovate’s virtual reality wellness platform on the top-rated Optimal Performance Podcast by Ryan Munsey. Ryan is well known in the world of fitness, biohacking, and human optimization. He is also a member of the Men’s Health Fitness Council, an author, and speaker. After testing out our VR platform first… Continue reading “Wellovate’s VR Wellness Platform on Popular Optimal Performance Podcast!”

Are you nuts?!?!

By: Joe Morgan MD –  I read an interesting article today in IEEE Spectrum titled “Robots Could Act as Ethical Mediators Between Patients and Caregivers”. The article highlights some impressive work done at Georgia Tech in developing a robotic solution that attempts to serve as an ethical mediator during medical encounters between patients and their… Continue reading “Are you nuts?!?!”

The Patient-Clinician Team

By: Joe Morgan MD –  Why You Should Form Your Own Hand-Picked Health and Wellness Team: In medicine, there are several different buzz-phrases that either relate to or describe what I often refer to as the ‘patient-clinician team’. Whether you call it ‘shared decision making’, ‘patient-centered care’, ‘patient-clinician team’, or perhaps most accurately, the ‘nextgen… Continue reading “The Patient-Clinician Team”